Thursday, October 20, 2011

Adventures in Wet Clay

Today was a first for me! I am teaching a small sculpture class in my studio, using wet clay. We are memorizing and sculpting the skull and first 7 vertebrae. Isn't that a great October class! Next week we will memorize and lay the muscles over the top of the bones. The following week we will add features; the last week will be finishing and preparing the bust to dry to be kilned. Fun! A finished bust, complete with everything, except a brain. . . :-)


  1. Annette,

    Wish Jake, Carver and I could of taken this class. I have always considered it a blessing to be your student. You are truly an inspiration to all of us. JILL

    1. Dear Jill!
      Soon it will be time for the Farmer's market, and I will show up as often as I can to admire and praise your produce. Please don't greet me with a guilty heart! What a wonderful hard worker you are - and an artist in soooo many wonderful ways! My only regret is that we are not next-door neighbors! Love you,