Friday, January 21, 2011


Working in sculpture is like working in any art form in one respect.  All artists start with large shapes and then refine to ever smaller shapes.  The large shapes of this sculpture are done.  I spent today measuring stars and stripes.  Working 10 to 12 hours every day this week has left me with mashed hands, aching shoulders, and trembling forearms.  Thank goodness for Naproxin Sodium, Acetaminophen,  Ibuprofen, and Aspirin!  I have a hard deadline around the corner - and I swear these days are getting shorter.  But I am a happy woman and having a ball.  More pictures tomorrow.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

This Project

I've had a few questions from you about this sculpture that I am working on.  "With Liberty and Justice for All" is a bas relief bronze sculpture.  It is a commission for a new building here in Saint George, the Washington County Justice Center.  60" tall and 30" wide, this flag is hanging vertically and waving in the wind.  It will be raised on a two-foot base.  At the top of the bronze piece are the words, "With Liberty", with a life size bird sitting on the finial.  At the bottom of the piece it will say, "And Justice for All."  Lighted and landscaped, it will be placed outside the front door and replace having a cloth flag going up and down each day.  The date of the dedication is mid-March.  The worry for me is getting the clay finished and to the foundry in time for them to do their magic.  I will explain later the foundry process.  I took the day off for my hands today to recover from yesterday.  Tomorrow - onward and upward!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Transformation from sculpting in styrofoam to sculpting in clay.

Today was a big day.  I planned on taking three days to lay a clay base over the styrofoam armature.  Because I had great volunteers, it got done in just one fabulous day. Roxanne and Bruce, with husband Stan, with an occasional helpful word from son Joshua.  Thank you for a long and productive day.  It is fun to watch this piece develop.  From here on it, it is simply perfecting and finishing, so there won't be such big jumps in its appearance.  Two weeks until it must be delivered to the foundry.  And the count down begins. . . .

Check out the gallery of what I did today at this link!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The start of a large sculpture

Today I spent about 10 hours happily sculpting in the studio.  When I am starting something new, it begins with a styrofoam armature because clay does not support itself.  Styrofoam doesn't sound too bad, but what it really means is lots of injuries.  Knife, blow torch, and a hot glue gun can cause a lot of damage.  Somehow it doesn't matter.  When Stan came home he rescued me from "the zone" and we grabbed a salad for dinner.  Whew. 

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

New Adventures

Here I am, kicking and screaming as my son Joshua and his wife Misty are pulling me into the 21st Century.  A blog?  Really?  Okay, here we go!  I am learning more than I might want to learn, but I know I will love it after I know how to do it.  Mostly I feel like I am talking to myself, and will be astonished if anyone else actually tunes in to my musings.